Glasshouse Car Diffuser with 2x Scent Disc & Keyring- Christmas


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You’re in the driver’s seat with our luxury refillable Car Diffuser gift set.

Includes: 1 x Black Refillable Car Diffuser, 2 x Scent Disk™ Refills (Night Before Christmas, Lost In Amalfi), 1 x Snow Globe Keychain, in a gorgeous festive gift box.


Night Before Christmas: Dancing Sugar Plums
Lost In Amalfi: Sea Mist


1.Remove the Scent Disk from the sachet found underneath the black insert in this box.

2.Place it into the Car Diffuser by gently pulling the backing off from the metal faceplate.

3.Gently place the backing on the metal faceplate ensuring the longer clip is at the top and click to close, then slide the diffuser onto the car air vent to work its magic.

4.You’re in the driver’s seat, so increase the fragrance strength by turning the body of the diffuser clockwise and decrease it by turning anti-clockwise

Replace your Scent Disk™ every 30 days to refresh your fragrance or to increase its strength. Replacement disks sold separately

Recycling Tip: Place your used paper Scent Disk™ back into this carton or an alternative paper container before recycling.


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