Maxwell & Williams Barcraft Wine Aerator Gift Boxed

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Good things come to those who wait. That's especially true when it comes to letting your wine breathe. But if you didn't have to wait, you probably wouldn't. With Barcraft's Wine Aerator you can cut straight to enjoying your wine's full flavour without the wait!

This clever contraption works in a really simple way. Pour in your wine, straight from the bottle. The wine aerator exposes it to oxygen as it flows through instantly bringing out a depth of flavour you'd usually have to wait hours for if you decanted it.

It's ideal for serving aged reds, some whites and even vintage ports. The 16-hole design catches any cork or wine sediment, so rather than a mouthful of grit, you can savour a smooth, harmonious blend of fruity notes.

  • Composition: Acrylic
  • Fabrication: Acrylic
  • Care and Use Instructions: Dishwasher safe