Van Gogh Starry Night Mini Pagoda Hoop Earrings

Moe Moe Design

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A fun alternative to your classic circle drop, these sweet hoops will pair well with any style. They're small enough to be understated all the while unique enough to pack some punch. Wear these with a plain tee and jeans to have them stand out, or pair them with your best pattern clashing ensemble to give them the quirky nod they deserve. 

  • Featuring art by Vincent Van Gogh
  • Sterling silver hoops (18mm in diameter) 
  • Reversible silver alloy panels with artwork on one side and sleek brushed silver on the other
  • 3cm long x 2cm wide 
  • .99 grams each (practically air!)
  • Australian made in Currumbin, QLD 


Born in The Netherlands in 1853, Van Gogh pushed the boundaries of traditional techniques and explored a new realm of artistic expression. Revolutionary for its time, his iconic works were marked by bold brush strokes and were a rich tapestry of vibrant colours. His life was a whirlwind of creativity, painting over 2,000 artworks in just one decade despite his inner storms. He left an indelible mark on the art world. This collection surpasses mere adornment; it's a display of art, a tribute to a remarkable painter and an ode to our vibrant and rich history. It celebrates creativity across generations, embraces an extraordinary fusion of art history and contemporary art. Creating this collection while embracing Van Gogh's timeless legacy was truly an honour.

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